26 Mar

Mr Affogato

Commedia dell’ Arte Production

Directed by Tony Kishawi – Performed by Full Tilt Performance Troupe 29th April – 9 May 1998

At the Street Studio, The Street Theatre ACT
Supported by ACT Government through its Cultural Council

This is the actors’ Theatre.
This is Theatre – before the playwright was invented. We could say that today Commedia dell’Arte’ falls into the category of ‘Physical Theatre’, but I would call it just ‘pure Theatre’. Just the actors getting together without a director, without the writer, and coming up with a play, actors at play!
Commedia dell’Arte’ means literally ‘comedy of the [actors’] ‘guild’ and is essentially improvised comedy, which follows a plot outline – a ‘scenario’, rather than written dialogue. It’s usually ‘right here and now’ Theatre, just as ‘Theatre Sports’ is immediate and improvised; interacting with audience intervention. Read More
26 Mar

Spirit of the Mask

Spirit of the Mask

Spirit of the Mask is an opportunity for students to participate in the Commedia dell’Arte format; the dialogue and the interactions of the characters. The students see the freedom offered by the mask and watch the character develop, learn and grow.  Watching this occur ensures that they understand the motives behind the characters movement, speech and personality. Through live performance, Spirit of the Mask, follows the traditional methods of caravan troupes passing the learned skills of the actors down to students; a proven successful method for centuries.

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