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Finding quality Commedia dell ‘Arte masks for teaching is very difficult. Over seven years ago we were privileged to find an Australian mask maker, Steve Novac, who is an accomplished craftsman of traditional Commedia dell ‘Arte leather masks.

Lightwire Theatrical Productions have been using Steve’s leather masks ever since in our productions, and encouraged him to create a set of latex masks for teachers. Consequently, as we toured with our productions throughout Australia we have found nothing that can surpass the workmanship of his latex masks. Steve ceased making latex masks a few years ago , due to more pressing commitments, but has fortunately passed on his designs and knowledge to Tony Kishawi. Tony is not only a practitioner and teacher of Commedia dell’Arte, he has also been a teacher of mask making over many years.

We hope to do justice to Steve’s reputation by acknowledging his design and by making the highest quality latex Commedia dell ‘Arte masks in Australia.

Commedia Dell’Arte Masks by Lightwire are all handmade from the best quality latex.  All are hand poured, hand painted and hand finished by professional costume maker Bentley O”Toole, who has been trained in the art of mask making by Tony Kishawi.

Our masks are generally thicker than others on the market.  The elastic headband is adjustable to help the mask fit snugly against the face to help the wearer to feel the spirit of the mask.

With correct care, we expect our masks to last for years.

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