26 Mar

Mr Affogato

Commedia dell’ Arte Production

Directed by Tony Kishawi – Performed by Full Tilt Performance Troupe 29th April – 9 May 1998

At the Street Studio, The Street Theatre ACT
Supported by ACT Government through its Cultural Council

This is the actors’ Theatre.
This is Theatre – before the playwright was invented. We could say that today Commedia dell’Arte’ falls into the category of ‘Physical Theatre’, but I would call it just ‘pure Theatre’. Just the actors getting together without a director, without the writer, and coming up with a play, actors at play!
Commedia dell’Arte’ means literally ‘comedy of the [actors’] ‘guild’ and is essentially improvised comedy, which follows a plot outline – a ‘scenario’, rather than written dialogue. It’s usually ‘right here and now’ Theatre, just as ‘Theatre Sports’ is immediate and improvised; interacting with audience intervention. Read More