06 May

Lightwire is celebrating the completion.

Spirit of the Mask

LightWire is celebrating the completion of their Spirit of the Mask production’s highly successful, 2010 touring season of schools on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, under the auspices of the Queensland Arts Council.  In this interactive workshop/show our team of experienced, professional actors, Tammy Weller and Chris Vernon (both graduates of the University of Southern Queensland) teach improvisation in performance through that most ancient of theatrical traditions: the mask.

This is no ordinary workshop or performance.  The only predictable thing about it is the way children’s intuitive grasp of theatre is invoked in a journey of revelation.  Tammy and Chris engage their students by degrees, first with an invitation to participate through experiencing the power of wearing a mask, then in learning how to embody their mask’s character. The actors then cleverly work with these characters, and before they know it the volunteers are improvising within a well-planned skit and have become part of the show.

The Spirit of the Mask was received enthusiastically wherever they went and is sure of a welcome on return for their 2011 season.  Book early and make sure your school doesn’t miss out on this joyous journey of the mask and it’s learning potential.