26 Mar

Spirit of the Mask

Spirit of the Mask

Spirit of the Mask is an opportunity for students to participate in the Commedia dell’Arte format; the dialogue and the interactions of the characters. The students see the freedom offered by the mask and watch the character develop, learn and grow.  Watching this occur ensures that they understand the motives behind the characters movement, speech and personality. Through live performance, Spirit of the Mask, follows the traditional methods of caravan troupes passing the learned skills of the actors down to students; a proven successful method for centuries.

During the first portion of the performance students are introduced to the simple comedy Lazzi, characters and mask techniques. The portion of the performance calls for volunteers to experience first hand the power of the mask. The actors are experienced in bringing anything that happens with the volunteers, back to the basic of what needs to be taught by the live improvisation. All are safe in their hands.

Students witness the two act semi-workshop performance and know intuitively what to do with the masks. In the way that new members of decades old wagon troupes learns through watching performers, so too will your students when watching Spirit of the Mask. The students develop countless new ideas and cannot wait to work them through in the classroom and on the stage.


Take advantage of the energy generated during the show and channel it into a fun, exciting and educational student workshop. Led by the cast students will get hands on and extend the learning. Prices per student finalised on application. Contact Lightwire Theatrical Productions to select from the range of workshops available.

Some Relevant Curriculum Areas

  • Commedia dell’Arte
  • Introduction to Mask Work
  • Stage Craft
  • Worldwide Theatre
  • Mime, Clowing & Physical Comedy

Show Duration

50 minutes plus Question Time with Actors

Venue Requirements

  • 5m x 5m Stage Area
  • Access to Power
  • Undercover & Cement Acceptable but not Ideal

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Format of the Show

  • The actors demonstrate the masks and some of the character traits of the masks.
  • The actors will show the students how to get into character
  • There will be an opportunity for students to volunteer to participate in the planned improvisations.
  • Live improvisations turning the show into a workshop
  • The actors continue to semi-workshop performance by introducing the mask-less characters and their role in a successful production
  • At the completion of the performance portion students will be able to ask questions of our expert actors and Commedia dell’Arte performers to further develop their understanding of the characters and their actions and movements.
Now Touring in and around Queensland with tours in other states planned for next year.  For more information visit our affiliate Homunculus Theatre Co website.