09 Apr

Thoughts have feelings too

Images from Thoughts Have Feelings Too

Written by Tony Kishawi, Ben Cornfoot & Brin Pritchard with input from the Mental Health Association,¬† ‘Thoughts Have Feelings Too’ is a performance that will enable a dialogue with students about their feelings. ¬†Aimed at primary school aged children, this performance will help students to identify and express their feelings.

Through the traditional clowning relationship of adult and child the characters explore the feelings of the child clown and his/her ability to express those feelings and expel negative thoughts in order to feel better.

Thoughts have feelings too will take students through a range of feelings, giving them the opportunity to identify the feelings as they are expressed onstage.

The Professor works with Clown to help him sort through his feelings, identifying them and putting them to the one side, if they are impacting negatively on him. Children who see the performance have an increased ability to identify feelings as they occur and are more likely to share feelings that can be identified.

Some Relevant Curriculum Areas

  • Emotional Health
  • Social Interaction
  • Clowning

Show Duration

1 Hour


Venue Requirements

  • 5m x 5m Stage area
  • Access to Power
  • Undercover – Cement Floors acceptable but not ideal



For more information and bookings for this performance, please contact our affiliate Homunculus Theatre Co.