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Training – Learning – Workshops

Lightwire Theatrical Productions has a Workshop to suit you.

Perfect for community groups, actors, teachers, schools and event organisers Lightwire Theatrical Productions’ Workshops inspire and teach performance skills that are adopted by performers for a lifetime.

Developing talent and creativity is something close to our heart at Lightwire Theatrical Productions and a service we enjoy providing. Allow us to enliven your community with the skills and expertise of our team in a variety of performance areas. We will develop a workshop to suit you, your time frame and your outcome. Lightwire will work in conjunction with various funding bodies to access funds to enable this process.



Enabling the actor or would be performer to find the comic within themselves is the objective of this workshop. When an actor can get an audience laughing they have an access to transforming the experience of the audience. The audience now cares about the character, what happens to them and what they experience. This is a valuable skill to master and will serve the actor in auditions and life, as much as it does in performance. The actor gains an access to speak to the audience whatever your subject matter. During the workshop participants will learn Adult, Child and Simple clown and how they appear time and time again in performance.

Commedia dell ‘Arte

CommediaCovering the essentials for learning the art of Commedia dell ‘Arte, this workshop is designed for students and performers (it can also be transformed into a Master Class designed to empower teachers of Commedia). The workshop leads performers through the various characters and skills required for Commedia dell ‘Arte including ‘The Zannis’ (low status), ‘The Impostors’ (high status), ‘Comic Duos’ or ‘Trios’ (high & low status) and ‘The Maskless Characters’ (the lovers, Pedrolino, the Cavalier). Participants will participate in improvisational workshops including ‘The Canovachi’ (the method of creating a short scenario) and ‘The Lazzi’ (comic stage business or short clowning routine) as well as mask handling, etiquette and movement training. This workshop is suited to all skill levels although we encourage those of similar skill levels be grouped together to enable the training process to be more beneficial.

Non-Verbal Communication & Mime


Designed for the actor in training, this workshop focuses on non-verbal communication. Your group will be led through a number of exercises and improvisations in a two hour, full day or weekend workshop. Watch the expressiveness of the participants increase as they are challenged to undergo the majority of the workshop in silence. In the more specific Mime Workshop participants will also study Corporal Mime, Illusion Mime, Neutral Mask, Pantomime and Non Verbal Improvisation. Mime workshops can be tailored to provide one or all of the above skill sets depending on available time-frames and performer skill levels. This workshop is suited to all skill levels and for ages 16+.